Should We Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

A typical healthy dog might sleep more than 12 hours in any day and they’ll do this in more than one rest period. The amount of sleep affects a dog’s serotonin level and this can have a significant effect on its behavior.  For example, a dog may suffer from depression as a result of having too much sleep; equally aggression may result from too little sleep. It is sometimes difficult to imagine a dog suffering from anxiety, but they do. Sleep and the subsequent level of serotonin is one of the causes. Continuous exposure to sleep issues for dogs can create recurring problems and it’s best to address these problems early in an adult dog’s life.

Unsurprisingly, a dog’s bed is critical for a good sessions sleep and it must be available at all times throughout the day and night. The size of the bed is important as it must allow free movement and the ability for the dog to lay flat out on its side. Measure your dog fully extended to ensure a correctly sized bed. Without a decent bed, and constant access to it, your dog may have difficult sleep periods that create problems when it’s awake. As well as a good sized bed, make sure the area the bed is placed in is warm enough and not drafty.

Some dogs need the company of others in order to sleep well. This may originate from the pack derivation where comfort, solace and safety are found in groups. It helps to explain why your dog often gets as close to you as it can when resting, taking warmth and comfort from a close body. Not that you should encourage sleeping with your dog on the bed but maybe think about the level of familiarity your dog has with other creatures.

For younger dogs and puppies, bed size is not as critical as the necessity for company. It’s often best to encourage your young dog to be close to you, but not too close. Don’t allow them to climb on the bed but have them nearby so that they know you are there to provide comfort and safety. Try not to wake young dogs and keep the sleeping area quiet – they need to rest as they can be fairly vigorous when they are awake.


Author Bio: Steve Lee is the proud owner of Roxy and Izzy, two top terriers and he is mad about all dogs. Sleeping properly is critical to your dog’s well being. Get more information on quality dog beds at



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