The popularity of coconut oil has grown over the years. It can be used for cooking, as a health supplement, deodorant ingredient, for moisturizing hair and skin and on pets. Owing to its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, this oil is used for several medicinal purposes for dogs. Read on to know a few benefits of using coconut oil for your furry friend.

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Improves coat and skin

The coat and skin of a dog can give clues of its general health. Coconut oil can be used to clear up eczema by treating fungal or yeast infections, prevents cancerous growths, and allergic symptoms of the skin, such as dry hair coat, flaky and itchy skin. You can notice tremendous results by adding coconut oil in your dog food. However, to clear noticeable conditions, you should apply the oil directly on the skin.

 Boosts digestion

Coconut oil can improve nutrient absorption and the digestion process of your dog. It can also help to control digestive problems such as stomach ulcers, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and colitis. This oil will help to ensure that your dog has no stomach issues irrespective of what they ingest.

 Helps with parasite control

Tick and flea bites can result in flea allergy dermatitis for furred animals. This allergic skin problem usually occurs in dogs that have very high sensitivity to flea saliva, and it results in painful, itchy skin. Coconut oil for dogs will strengthen the furred skin and help your pet to repel fleas. It can also help to soothe bites and stings from spiders, bee attacks and other types of irritations because the oil enhances cell regeneration which is crucial in the healing process.

Control of diseases

Research has shown that coconut has numerous healing properties. Coconut oil can help in prevention and treatment of infections. This is because of its strong antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial properties. Therefore, you can give it to your canine to prevent any treat yeast infections or canine influenza. In addition, it can relieve symptoms associated with arthritis, and bone or joint problems.

Promotes instant energy

Coconut oil will provide your canine animal with the energy that it requires to undertake strenuous activities. You can boost your dog’s energy before hiking, obedience work, agility training, field work or jogging. The fats in this oil are readily digested and do not strain the digestive system. They are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing your dog with a quick non-carbohydrate energy source.

Boosts brain function and hormonal control

Coconut oil helps to improve the brain function, especially for older dogs. This is because the medium-chain fatty acids offer an alternative energy source for the brain cells. This oil can also help in hormonal balancing, making it ideal for use on canines that have thyroid problems or diabetes. In addition, this oil helps the body to efficiently utilize omega-3fatty acids.

Coconut oil is beneficial to humans and can also be given to canines. It is best to administer this oil to your furred animal both topically and as a supplement for best results. This will ensure that all medical conditions are cleared from the dog’s body. Your canine animal will definitely benefit from taking this oil in the long run.





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