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When mommy was asked to write a review for Snap Leash she said yes because she thought it looked like a very cool leash!  When she got it she didn’t quite know how to use it so she had to go to their website to figure it out!  Sometimes mommy isn’t very smart like that! 

Once she figured out how to use it, she was quite intrigued by it!  The reason this leash is so cool is because it has swivel hooks on both ends of the leash and grommet holes down the leash.  You can do all kinds of things with this leash!  Like this:


G-Mommy…what’s this? I’m stuck!

How handy is that?  If you are out on a walk and need to stop and do something, you can put one hook in the grommet holes and hook your furry friend to a tree, or a bench, or a table, and the list goes on and on! 

Doesn’t Diesel look cute!  Mommy went over and kidnapped him so she could do this review!

Plot Hound

Come on G-Mommy…it’s time to let me go!

About the SnapLeash

  • It comes in 2 sizes:  6 feet x 1 inch wide and 6 feet x 5/8 inches wide 
  • It comes in 3 colors:  Black, Red and Blue
  • Is made of a high quality premium thick nylon
  • Has grommets that are strategically placed down the leash
  • Has big durable snap hooks at the end of both sides

What’s so Great About the SnapLeash?

You can adjust the leash to the length that you want by snapping the hook into the grommet.  The leash can be adjusted from 3 feet to 6 feet in a snap!  This leash makes it easy to run, walk, or hike with your dog because all you have to do is snap the leash to your belt, place it around your waist or your shoulder and Wa Lah…your hands are free!  How cool is that!  You can even walk two dogs at once by snapping the hooks onto both ends of their collars and holding the leash in the middle.

Here mommy has made a handle by snapping the hook into one of the grommets.  Diesel is ready to go for a walk!

Plot Hound

Okay…we’re off! Let’s go G-Mommy!

Mom also thought it was cool that she could just tie us up to a tree or whatever else and not have to worry about us running away!  Really mom, we would never leave you!

Plot Hound

One last picture of Diesel, just because!

Mommy really likes this leash but she just wanted to say that if you tie your dog up to a tree or anything else, please be sure not to leave him there for very long.  It’s important that you find a safe place to tether him to and that you don’t leave him all by himself.  We would hate for something to happen to your furry friend because you thought it was okay to tie him up and leave him.  You should always stay with your furry friend, no matter what!

What else is so great about this leash?  SnapLeash guarantees it for life and if it should break or fall apart, all you have to do is return it and you’ll get a brand new one!  Wow!  That is the best guarantee ever!!!

You can find out more by following SnapLeash on Facebook and/or Twitter.  You can also visit their site at

Disclaimer:  Mommy did not receive monetary compensation for this review.  She was given a free SnapLeash to review.  The opinions in this review are all mommy’s and no one elses!

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