The power of social media is amazing and all animal shelters and rescues should use it to their advantage!  There are so many different ways to use social media these days and all it takes is for one person to push your shelter or rescue in the right direction!

I started a blog hop called Tuesday’s Tails in which bloggers link up and feature a shelter animal that needs to be adopted.  This has been a great way to share shelter animals, as all those bloggers that link up share all of the animals needing homes on their different social media accounts.  The blog hop is growing and hopefully one day it will have many bloggers linking up and promoting shelter animals.  If you are a rescue or an animal shelter, I would suggest finding a blogger in your community that will blog about your animals that are looking for forever homes.  Ask them to blog about certain animals and join the Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop each week.  As the blog hop grows, more and more bloggers will be sharing the different animals that need homes.  What a great way for your shelter and rescue to get free publicity!

Adopt this beautiful dog

My name is Babe and I’m looking for my forever home. Won’t you please help me by sharing my picture on your social media accounts?

Instagram is another great way to promote shelter animals.  Our animal shelter just set up an Instagram account where they share animals needing forever homes.  It has been huge in our community and has a good following already.  Take cute pictures of the animals that you are going to feature on Instagram and ask your Instagram friends to share!

Pinterest and Facebook are also good ways to share shelter animals.  There are numerous boards out there that already share shelter animals.  Build a board for your shelter and share the shelter animals that need forever homes.  Facebook, of course is another great way to get the word out.  One important thing about Facebook, if you post a picture it will get more views than if you share somebody’s post.  It is best for you to post a cute picture that will stand out, than to share somebody else’s picture.  Ask your volunteers to post pictures of your shelter animals instead of just sharing them.  They will get more views than if they were shared.

While it is important to get the word out about the animals that need homes, it is also important to share good news.  If a dog or cat gets adopted let people know!  People are always glad to see that shelter animals are finding homes, so use it to your advantage!  Post about it, tweet about it and put their picture on Instagram and Pinterest with ADOPTED under their picture!

Use your imagination!  Get creative!  And make sure your volunteers and friends are sharing, tweeting and posting about your shelter animals!


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