We were going to join Jodie on her Follow Up Friday, but things got a little chaotic around here so we decided to do another Sum It Up Sunday to catch up on all those little things that we didn’t blog about this week!  Things haven’t been so great around here as some of you probably already know.  Last week Shiloh hurt her leg so the vet put her on Rimadyl.  She was doing okay until Tuesday of this week when we noticed she wasn’t keeping her food down–but she was acting okay.  Everything went downhill from there.  Mom took her to the vet yesterday and he gave her some nausea medicine and told her to see if that would work.  He didn’t want to put her to sleep yet if there was a chance that something might work.  Mom came home, hoping that it would be okay but Shiloh woke up this morning not wanting to even drink any water.  It looks like it is inevitable and that Shiloh won’t be with us long.  The vet told mom to buy some turkey baby food and see if she will eat it but the way it looks, Shiloh doesn’t want anything to do with food or water.  Poor  sweet Shiloh…it will be so quiet around here with her gone.

Update…mom is feeding Shiloh the baby food in a syringe and Shiloh has started eating it and drinking water!  So we will see how it goes…

Last Sunday, Ash’s doggy mommy was on television!  Ash’s mommy’s name is Bailey.  Bailey and her dad were on a hunting show and we all sat around the television and watched them!  This is a picture of Ash watching the T.V. with Scout right behind her.  Ash was really getting into the geese on the T.V. and it was cool seeing Bailey on T.V.!  Too bad the geese didn’t show up on the screen!  We think it is really cool that Ash has a mom that is a celebrity!  That is pretty pawesome!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever


Notice the diaper on Ash?  Yes, she is in heat…yuck.  Mom wants to get her spade but dad wants to have puppies.  When mom asked about getting Ash fixed, the vet told her that Ash needed to loose weight first!  So guess what…yeah, Ash is on a diet!  We’ll see who wins…mom or dad!  By the way, in case you didn’t know, Ash is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever… hence the reason for dad wanting puppies!

Nothing much else going on here except we are watching over Shiloh trying to keep her comfortable.  Until tomorrow….

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