We were thinking that so much has happened this week that a Sum It Up Sunday might be a good idea for us to woof, woof about!

Last Sunday Mom drove to Wichita to see our human sis and left us with dad for a couple of days.  Dad is great but he doesn’t take as good of care of us as mom does 😉

We spent Monday with dad leaving lots of poop presents for mom!

Mom came home on Tuesday!  Woo Hoo!

On Wednesday Mom picked up lots of poop!  She also had to take Shiloh to the vet.  Shiloh hurt her front leg and is having a hard time walking.  Mom is getting really worried about her cause she is 15 years old and mom is really attached to Shiloh.  Mom will be really sad if Shiloh doesn’t get better 😥

On Thursday our Barkers Dozen Treat Giveaway started.  Don’t forget to enter.  It is really easy.  Just go to this page.

Wildfires in Oklahomaon Friday and Saturday.  Our dad’s parents had to evacuate their house.  Guess they would be our human grandparents!  Houses burned down all around them but their home was okay.  Firefighters were able to keep the fire 15 feet away from their house.  They were sooooo lucky but our cousin’s boat didn’t make it!  This is a picture of what is left of their boat 🙁

Boat in Fire

We also had company on Friday!  Gator has come to stay with us for the weekend!  We are so excited!

Lab/Hound Mix

Awwwwe….isn’t Gator cute!

Saturday wasn’t such a great day.  Ash woke up with conjunctivitis in her eye.  Mom had to take her to the vet.  Ash hates the vet and it took two people to get her into the office!  The nice lady pulled Ash by the leash and mom pushed her bottom in the  door.  Ash put on the brakes and wouldn’t go. We asked mom why she didn’t take pictures, but she said she was kind of busy!  As mom was pushing Ash’s rear end through the door, Ash was a very naughty girl.  She expressed her anal glands all over mom.  Pew Eeee!  Mom stunk so bad when she got home and she wasn’t very happy with Ash.  Mom couldn’t understand why Ash would do something like that?  All she had to do was ask us and we would have told her that Ash doesn’t like to go to the vet!  Doh!

Dad left to go with our human sis to Kansas City early this morning.  It is Sunday and they are going to the KC vs. Texas Rangers baseball game!  We are home with mom all by ourselves!  We helped mom mow and weed eat the yard.  It isn’t quite as hot today as it has been.  Did you know that we hit 113º three days in a row last week?  We broke records those three days for the hottest days in Oklahoma ever.  Whew….it was really, really hot!

Baseball Game

Our sis and dad at the Kansas City Baseball game! Don’t they look like they are having fun!

We just found out that Gator has to go home today.  Awwwe Shucks!  We like it when Gator visits!  He is fun to play with but we are pretty sure he will be back soon!

Shiloh Update:  Shiloh’s leg is a little better today!  Mom isn’t having to carry her out to go to the bathroom, so that is a good thing.  Shiloh is a little big for mom to be carrying but mom will do anything for us!  She loves us doggies lots!

Mom wanted us to remind you to please enter our giveaway and don’t forget to get a free card from Cardstore.  Just go to our sidebar and click on the picture of the dogs (where it says Get Your Free Card!).  Today is the last day.  It is a great deal…free card and free postage!

We have had a busy week!  Hope you had a good week and we hope you have an even better next week!

Bye for now,
~Shiloh, Scout, Teddy and Ash



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