Today is another great day as we have learned that Popcorn has passed the Sunshine Award on to us!  We are so very excited and appreciative to get this award 🙂  Anytime another blogger bestows an award on us we are left speechless!  We feel blessed to have made so many friends in the blogging world and we are thankful each and every day for each and every one of you 🙂

Sunshine Award

So here are the rules:

  • Answer the questions that come with it
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it

Here are the questions and our answers:

Favorite number:
4! because there are four of us dogs here at Dogs N Pawz!

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:
Water cause that’s all mom will let us drink.  We think our mom is addicted to Coca-Cola and we would really like to taste it…but we don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon!

Facebook or Twitter:
We like Facebook better than Twitter – mostly cause we haven’t quite figured out Twitter yet!

My Passion:
All four of us love to eat and treat time is our favorite!   Yummy, Yummy!  Our other passions include Shiloh who loves to give wet slobbery kisses, Ash who loves to cuddle, Scout who will do anything to get to sleep in mom’s bed and Teddy who loves to chase squirrels! 

Favorite Pattern:
Circles cause we chase each other around the pool in circles!  We go ’round and round the pool 🙂

Favorite Day of the Week:
Saturday cause sometimes our human sis comes home from college on the weekend and spends the whole Saturday with us!

Favorite Flower:
Periwinkles…at least mom thinks we like Periwinkles because when she plants them we dig them up!


These are our 10 furiends that we are passing the award on to:

Snoopy’s Dog Blog

Golden Woofs

A Coonhound’s Tales

Dogs Rock


Stunning Keisha

Black and White dogs

The Farm House

The Talking Dogs Blog

Peace, Love, and Poodles


Once again, we want to say thank you to Fluffy Popcorn!  You are the best!

Happy Tails To All,

XOXOXO – Shiloh, Scout, Teddy and Ash



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