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Hey guys!  Do you remember that survey we asked you to take last month?  Well, all of the answers from all of the pet parents that took the survey were gathered up and put in an infographic.  Are you interested in what we found out? 

Some of the results were different from what we were thinking they might be.

55% of the humans that answered the survey said that nutrition was the most important factor for pet health.  We agree with those 55% cause that’s what we put as our answer!  Can you believe that there were a few that said regular grooming and bathing was the most important factor for pet health?  Really?  We know that regular grooming and bathing are important but come on…there are other things that are even more important!

Natural Balance

28% of the humans said that DHA and EPA benefits neural development.  We have to be honest on this one and tell you that mom got it wrong too!  She answered that they benefit our skin and coat like most of the other pet parents guessed! 

And as far as brushing teeth, 32% said that they use dental treats instead.  As long as we’re being honest, mommy doesn’t do such a great job of brushing our teeth.  We hate getting our teeth brushed and we make sure mommy knows it!

Digestion and cancer seem to be the top health concerns for most pet parents.  Mommy worries about cancer a lot ever since Summer had liver cancer.  Cancer is a terrible disease and mommy would be devastated if another one of us came down with cancer too.

Take a look at the infographic and see what all the pet parents had to say!

Whole Body Health Natural Balance Whole Body Health

Natural Balances’s Original Ultra Whole Body Health

Are you wondering what this Whole Body Health thing is all about?  Well…Natural Balance’s Original Ultra Whole Body Health for dogs and cats is a gluten-free diet that contains an optimal balance of premium proteins and key nutrients. 

Since all you pet parents out there want your doggies and kitties to be healthy, you should check out this food.  Natural Balance created the Original Ultra Whole Body Health to nourish your pet’s complete well-being and to support the needs of your pet through all of his life stages.  By feeding your pet this special food, he will be happy and healthy!  The following are a few things you can expect from Natural Balance’s new dog and cat food.

  • This Natural Balance food supports neural development for an active and healthy brain as it is formulated with optimal levels of DHA and EPA from marine sources.
  • Balanced Omega-6 and Omega-3 ratios help support healthy skin and a luxurious coat and we all love to have a pretty coat, don’t we?
  • Uses a layering system of multiple types of fibers from fruits and grains to support the digestive system
  • Has quality proteins that help support healthy muscle and also provides healthy muscle development.  As we all know, muscle development is important at any age.
  • Has a proprietary blend of antioxidant nutrients that help maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Has the proper levels of calcium and phosphorus that provide strong and healthy bones and teeth.  We all know this is important for keeping us healthy so we can play lots of fetch and chew on lots of yummy bones!
  • Has taurine that helps maintain healthy heart and healthy eye function.

Natural Balance

Have We Sparked Your Interest Yet?

If you would like to try out this new dog or cat food, we have a $3 OFF coupon for you! 

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