Train Your Dog To Do Paw Tricks

One of the easiest dog tricks to teach a dog to do is to shake hands.  It is an easy trick to teach, because when they are puppies they use their paws to get their food and to push other puppies away so they can get to the food first.  Your dog should already be trained to sit before you start teaching him to shake.  To teach him to shake you need to get him in the sit position.  When you get him in the sit position pick up his hand and give him a treat.  Do this several times and praise him while you are picking his hand up and giving him a treat.    Next, you would help him shake by tapping his paw.  When you tap his paw you want to see his foot lift.  Give him a treat and praise him saying “good boy” when he lifts his paw. By saying “good boy” he is learning your mark word.  Once he has learned the mark work you can add the word shake.  Now you can use a hand signal which is a flat palm held open so he can put his hand in your palm when you ask him to shake.  Once he puts his paw in your hand be sure to praise him with “good boy” and give him a treat.  So here is a run down:  1)  Your dog should be sitting, 2) Say shake,  3)  Put your palm out for him to put his paw in,   4)  Once he has put his paw in your hand say “good boy.”


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