Blog HopGuess what human bro and mommy brought home the other day?  Yeah…you probably guessed it…a new doggie!  Human bro has been wanting a dog for sometime and mom finally convinced him to check out the Edmond Animal Shelter.  Tuesday morning they went to the animal shelter to see what dogs were available to adopt.  Mommy didn’t want to go cause she knew she would want to take home more than one, but human bro made her go anyways!  Mommy is glad she went cause she learned a lot about the Edmond Animal Shelter.  It is a low kill shelter which is a good thing.  A no kill shelter would be better, but a low kill is better than a high kill.  They have lots of dogs at the shelter and one has been there for over a year.  His name is Bert.  Mom will have to tell you about Bert later.  She wishes she could find somebody to take Bert home and give him a forever home!  He was running and playing in one of the pens just having a great time!

When they walked into the shelter bro asked to see a certain dog named Sybil.  She was precious but she wasn’t very interested in mom and bro.  Mom walked over to the cages and saw this one dog that was just standing there looking at her.  Her name was Ophelia.  She was just so calm and mom told bro to come over and look at her.  He immediately wanted to see this dog so they got her out of her cage and took her into the big pen area.  She was just so sweet and mom and bro immediately decided that she was the one.

Adopted Dog


They had taken Gator with them so they could make sure Gator got along with any dog they decided to bring home.  If you don’t know who Gator is, he is bro’s roommate’s dog.  The workers put Gator and Ophelia in a great big pen so they could sniff each other and see if they liked each other.  Well, Gator likes everyone and everything he comes into contact with.  He was so excited to be with Ophelia and she warmed up to Gator quickly.  They ran and played and chased each other all over the pen.  They were having such a good time!

Mom and bro didn’t leave with Ophelia cause bro had some things to do, but he went back that afternoon and adopted her.  She is a beautiful dog and very well behaved.  She had been at the shelter for over 5 months 🙁   Ophelia and Bert have been at the shelter the longest.

American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Isn’t she adorable?

Ophelia knows several commands, is crate trained and loves to run with her owner.  She is going to be the perfect dog for bro cause he loves to run and he can take her with him everyday.  She is also going to be perfect for Gator cause Gator gets lonely and Ophelia will keep him company!


American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Gator and Ophelia! They are best buddies already!

We thinks Ophelia is very happy to have a new home!  That night bro went into his bedroom and found her in his bed sound asleep!  She slept with him that night and when he woke up the next morning she looked at him and buried her head under the covers and went back to sleep!  How sweet is that!


American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Ophelia is home!

So do you want to know what we are thankful for?  We are thankful that human bro could give a shelter dog a forever home and save a doggie life!  Now we just need to work on saving more doggie lives.  Mommy has an Amazon link in the sidebar that if you order through it, she will donate 20% of the profits to an animal shelter.  The first animal shelter she is going to donate to is the Edmond Animal Shelter to try to help Bert and the rest of the dogs find a home.  It doesn’t cost you any extra to order through mommy’s link and if she can ever make any money through the link, part of it will be donated…probably even more than 20% but mommy thought that was a good figure to start out with!  Please tell all your furiends to order through mommy’s link so she can help Bert and the other doggies!


American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Gator and Ophelia!



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