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 We are so very thankful for all the kind people we have come to know in the years!  We say this because mom got a call the other day from our vet’s assistant who told mom that when she was in the area to please come by the office.  If you haven’t heard us talk about this before, our vet lives like…very far away!  Peoples think mom is crazy cause she drives forever to get to the vet.  It takes a long time to get there and takes an especially long time in doggy time to get there!  But mom really likes our vet so she keeps taking us there.  Mom says he has been with her through most her dogs and she just feels comfortable going to him.  He has helped four of mom’s dogs cross over the rainbow bridge…so he must be pretty special!

Anyways, back to why we are thankful today!  The vet assistant, whose name is Miss Kim, is a very nice lady and we like her very, very much!  She talks to us and gives us treats and when one of us is sick she always calls and checks up on us!  She totally goes out of her way for us.  So when she called mom we were curious cause none of us were sick…at least we didn’t think so.  She told mom that she had something for her and to please stop by sometime.

So mom went by the vet’s office on Tuesday and Miss Kim had a present for mom.  Can you believe this nice lady had a present for mom?  We only know her from going to the vet’s office…mom doesn’t hang out with her or anything.  She is one super nice human!  Are you wondering what the present was?  Well, it was so cool cause it was a stone with Shiloh’s name on it for mom to put in the garden.  She told mom that it was for her to remember Shiloh by cause Shiloh was such a sweet dog.  Mom cried lots of tears and hugged Miss Kim and thanked her lots.  In fact, mom cried the whole way home.  We thinks she still misses Shiloh 😥

Memorial Stone for Shiloh

Yeah…we know! Miss Kim spelled Shiloh’s name wrong but that’s okay! It’s the thought that counts!

Mom has been thinking of where she wants to put the stone cause she says she wants to put it in a very special place for Shiloh.  We told mom to put it in Shiloh’s favorite spot – her chair in the backyard that she always laid in but mom said that probably wouldn’t be a very good place!  So we settled on a place in the garden that we all think Shiloh will like!

Shiloh's Memorial Stone

Hey mom…I thinks this is a good place for it!

Mom and dad had to put a rod iron fence around the garden so that Shiloh, Summer and I wouldn’t dig in the garden.  Back then, it was the three of us dogs and Ash and Teddy hadn’t yet come into our home yet!  Shiloh liked to sneak into the garden when the gate was open and mom wasn’t looking!  She would sniff around until mom would make her get out.

Shiloh's Memorial Stone

Okay…this is the perfect place. Are we finished yet?

So, we decided to put it in the garden in a place where we would see it every time we walked out to the backyard.  We are so thankful to Miss Kim for thinking about Shiloh, our mom and us and for giving us something to remember Shiloh by!

Ash Checking Out Shiloh's Stone

I agree…I thinks Shiloh would like it here and don’t you even begin to think that I have a tear in my eye!  I’m a big girl now!  I don’t cry!

What a great day to think about Shiloh and how she brought so much happiness into our lives!  We miss you Shiloh!

Scout, Teddy and Ash




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