We want to thank all of our blogger friends out there that we have met over the past year.  The pet blogger community is amazing and we are thrilled to be a part of it.  We appreciate all of the comments that are made daily on our blog…even when our mom doesn’t let us on the computer to answer back!  We really have to do something about that!  We also appreciate the advice we have received from our blogger friends over the year.

When our Shiloh passed OTRB we received many heartfelt messages and we were so grateful.  Your messages helped with our grieving and you will never know how much they were appreciated.

We have found that if we have a blog related problem or a doggy related problem we can ask any of you for advice and you are quick to respond!  We feel like we have known each and everyone of you for years and that you live right down the street from us!  Words can’t even begin to express how much we appreciate all of you and how much we like to read your blogs even if we don’t leave a comment every time we visit!

To show all of you how much we appreciate all of your support, your kind words, your enthusiasm, your very creative blogs and much more; we made mom sit down at the computer last night and email each of you a Christmas card!  It took mom forever to find email addresses and we know that she probably didn’t get a card emailed to everyone that we wanted one emailed to, but just know that if you didn’t get a card we are so very sorry and we still want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope your holidays are restful, peaceful and just great!  So if we missed you, here is another little card we found that we thought was too good to not share!  Happy Holidays and thank you for being our blogging friend or for being a visitor of our blog!  Without all of you, this blog wouldn’t be possible!


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