It’s not always a great idea to accept a ride and then bring your dog along! Not everyone likes to have a dog in their car, and sometimes for good reason. Of course, if it is your car and your dog, you don’t have the choice—the dog comes too. How can you make the car experience a good one for you and your pet?

Dogs Riding in Car

Keeping Your Dog Safe

In any journey, the safety of passengers (in this case that includes the dog) is the most important consideration.

Make sure he is restrained properly. Harnesses are available if he travels on the back seat, but it is far better to keep him in the back with a barrier, or better yet, still in a crate. In the unfortunate event of a collision, a dog can become a lethal flying object, and if at any point he escapes onto the road, he can easily cause an accident or he can get hurt.

Give him enough water in a spill-proof bowl. He needs to drink regularly and should always have some water available.

Never let him stick his head out of the window when traveling. He can easily be hit by flying pieces of dirt.

Keeping Your Car Clean

You may not be a particularly fussy owner, but you owe it to your car and to your other passengers to keep it as clean and odor-free as possible. Even if you have a robust 4×4 built for all terrains, modern vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee are quite smart inside and you’ll want to keep their pristine looks as long as possible.

A crate keeps the dogs in a strictly enclosed space with its own floor. It is the best solution, because when you don’t need it; crate, hair, toys, and smell are all lifted out together.

Failing that, line the floor with an easy-clean, waterproof cloth. All that the dog leaves behind can be taken out and washed.

If you must have your dog on the carpet or the seats, clean up as soon as possible afterward. Hair gets everywhere, so use a rubber glove to rub it out. If there is a lingering smell, try sprinkling furnishings with baking soda and vacuum the next day.

Keeping Everyone Happy

Avoid motion sickness by asking your vet about medication, and gradually accustoming your dog to traveling. Short journeys ending in a run and a treat will get him thinking positively about car journeys. If he has a tendency to sickness, don’t feed him just before a journey.

On long journeys, stop frequently for exercise. Take along some of his favorite toys and treats, his own bedding, and his usual food. You don’t want any upset stomachs in the car.

Have Dog, Will Travel

A canine companion can be the best of passengers and will enhance any road trip you may go on. Make sure that everyone is safe and that you can keep the interior clean and sweet-smelling. Then dogs and humans alike will enjoy many more rides together.


Louisa Krett is Mom to 2 human kids and 2 canine kids! She is a work at home Mommy who writes articles on parenting, pets and so much more in her free moments



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