Diesel is our little rescue dog.  Most of you know about Diesel and how my son adopted him from the Edmond Animal Shelter.  He’s not our first rescue dog and probably won’t be our last!  Diesel is a very special little man!  He lives with my son but he comes to visit us quite often.  In fact, he spent last night with us.  We love having him visit!

Taylor almost didn’t adopt Diesel because the day he went to visit him at the shelter, Diesel pooped all over the room that Taylor was visiting him in.  Taylor didn’t know if that was a sign to not adopt him or what…so he went home without him.  Taylor called me the next morning and asked me to go to the shelter with  him to check this little puppy out.  So off we went.

We spent about an hour in the room with him trying to decide what to do.  He was precious and I was ready to bring him home, but Taylor…not so much.  He was still trying to decide if it was the right thing to do.  But after what seemed like an eternity, Taylor decided he was going to adopt this little puppy!  It was a great decision and there have been no regrets!


Puppy at the animal shelter

Diesel and me at the shelter. I fell in love with this little guy the minute I held him! Wasn’t he precious!


Diesel is a bundle of energy and as smart as can be.  He has a snaggletooth that makes him cuter than ever!  He knows quite a few tricks and is the best snuggle buddy!


Puppy Sleeping

I’m sooooo tired!

Diesel had several siblings at the shelter and all of them were adopted.  His mommy was also at the shelter and after being at the shelter for quite a few months, she was finally adopted.  In fact I wrote a book about adopting Diesel that you can find on Amazon.

Kindle Book
If you’re wondering why we are posting about Diesel’s adoption, it’s because we are supporting Long Live Pets campaign.  Long Live Pets national campaign is sponsored by Nature’s Variety Instinct and Best Friends Animal Society.  Instinct is partnering with Best Friends Animal Society to spread the word about pet adoption and the no-kill movement. 

Instinct is donating $650,000 in food and cash donations to Best Friends to help continue its mission and reduce the number of pets killed in shelters.  Last year alone, Best Friends with their partners were able to save over 184,000 animals and facilitate over 52,000 adoptions. 

Did you know that an estimated seven to eight million pets enter shelters and rescues each year.  As far as we’re concerned, that is way too many.  Three to four million of these pets, who are beautiful and adoptable, are killed in those shelters due to lack of space.  This equates to about 9,000 pets every single day.  Something has to be done about this and Long Live Pets will raise awareness of the scale of this issue and inspire people to take action.

Please join them in creating an inspiring , short film celebrating the feeling of the first day in the life of a rescued dog.  Owners of adopted or rescued dogs are invited to submit photos of their rescue dog at LongLivePets.com to be included in the film.  We’ve submitted Diesel’s picture!  Now it’s your turn to submit a picture of your rescue dog!  You can submit your picture through March 31, 2015.  The film will be used to raise awareness and encourage others to adopt, volunteer or donate.  Won’t you join us in supporting this campaign?

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