Miniature Dachshunds are everywhere at the moment. Everyone loves the little pooches, and they are undeniably cute. Their long bodies, little legs, and butter-wouldn’t-melt faces will have you weak at the knees. These little pups should not be underestimated, though; they’re smart. They’re very smart, and unless you train them well, they could walk all over you and become hard work around the home. If you let it, a Doxie will rule the roost, and because they’re so cute everyone will find themselves running around after them!

Miniature Dachshund

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1.  Get social

The best thing you can do to help a mini Doxie find their way in the world is to have them interact with other dogs. Though they are small, they can be fierce, and you need to curb this potentially threatening behavior. By introducing them to a play friend, they will naturally become more sociable. If you have a puppy Dachshund, take them to training classes. This will get them used to be sociable right away. If you don’t allow your little dog to mix with others, he may become terribly territorial. You’ll be surprised just how scary they can seem! That might seem unthinkable (so cute!), but it can happen.

2.  Tackle the big bark

It’s really funny the first time you hear your tiny little Doxie bark. Unlike other small dogs, they have the ability to sound like a Rottweiler when they bark! It’s incredibly deceiving, and it can catch you unaware if you’re not expecting it! If you have a delivery man at your door, you could find that they are terrified of your little dog with the big bark! It is a part of their breed naturally, though – they used to bark loudly to alert others of their prey. They were bred to chase badgers initially. Try to train your dog to stop barking with stern commands and distract them with your favorite toy.

3.  Set a routine

These little pups just love a routine. By sticking to something that they know every single day, you will keep your house clear of accidental potty messes. Of course, when your Dachshund is a puppy there will be accidents. This is only natural. But understand that to prevent them from continuing to do this, they need to go potty after every time they eat and when they wake up in the morning. These are some Top Dog Tips that you really should follow. They only have little bladders, so they need to take regular trips. Stay patient and you’ll both be find.

4.  Be the boss

It’s worth reminding these smart little dogs that you are the human and you are the boss. It’s almost like they know they are cute! If they think they can get away with something…they will. If they believe that they can rule the house…they will! As easy as it is just to accept that they will win, you need to stand firm with them. If they are naughty, you need to tell them off. Don’t let them get away with anything because you may never get the power back!



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