When we humans go out hiking, mountain biking or doing other outdoor activities, we dress ourselves in clothes appropriate for the weather and terrain. Although dogs have their coats to keep them warm and dry, and their feet are designed to survive without shoes, they sometimes need a little help too. Below you’ll find some things you might consider dressing your dog out with for your next epic adventure.

Hiking Harnesses

A comfortable and durable hiking harness for long-distance walks is invaluable to the hiking dog (and their human). They give you more control over your dog than a collar when they’re on the lead – and give your dog less control over you! The full-body nature of a harness means it’s easier to lift your dog and help them over styles, fences or other obstacles. Harnesses are also safer for both you and your pooch. It’s almost impossible for a dog to slip out of a heavy-duty harness, so there’s less risk of runaways.

Hi-Vis Dog Coats

If you do a lot of walking at night, particularly if you go near busy roads, a high visibility dog coat for your canine friend is essential. Perhaps you even cycle with your dog alongside – if your bike has lights, your dog should be visible too. Your dog will be more easily spotted and won’t take anyone by surprise. Even during the day a brightly colored jacket is a useful safety feature. Ideally, you should be wearing one too – a human one, not a dog one. You can also get harnesses, collars and coats with lights on them, so they’re easier to spot when off the lead.

Dressing your dog

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Cooling Coats, Insulated Coats and Raincoats

Whether you need to keep your dog warm or cool, a coat can help them along. Cooling coats will help to stop your dog overheating, while an insulated coat will keep them nice and toasty. If you’re going out in extreme weather, these will come in handy. For those times that it looks like a downpour is on the way, a raincoat will prevent your furry friend from being soaked to the bone. Ranges such as Ruffwear offer coats for all kinds of purposes.

Dog Boots

You probably most often see dog boots on police dogs. This is because they might be walking in areas with glass or sharp things they could step on. If you’re worried about your dog hurting their feet when you’re out and about, or maybe getting them too cold in the snow, dog boots can help.

Carry Packs

Once you’ve bought your dog all that gear, you’re not going to want to carry it yourself. Get your dog to stop being so lazy and do some work with a carry pack. They’re ideal for storing a travel bowl and some water, plus a few treats and any extra gear your dog might need. Your bag will be much lighter, and Fido will feel proud of the responsibility he’s been bestowed with.


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