According to the ASPCA, cancer is diagnosed in 60% of dogs over the age of six.  Cancer is the number 1 killer of dogs over the age of two and it even kills many dogs before they reach the age of two.  There are many reasons for the rise in cancer in dogs.  As discussed in a previous post, toxins in the water, commercial dog food, and flea and tick products are some of the reasons for the rise in dog cancers.  Another cause of dog cancer is the toxic chemicals pharmaceutical companies have added to the vaccines that are required by your local government.  You are required to vaccinate your pet every one to three years.  Vaccines are loaded with heavy toxic metals such as mercury and aluminum.  It has been proven that these cause cancer and many other diseases.

Vaccinations can cause cancer and the number one worst thing you can do for a pet with cancer is give them a vaccination.  There are significant risks associated with every immunization.  For most pets one vaccination provides immunity which lasts from seven to fifteen years.  If your dog has cancer it is imperative that they never receive another vaccination for the rest of their life.  The pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccinations have issued warnings about giving your dog vaccinations if they have cancer. They have issued warnings saying that any vaccinations given to your dog will further impair their immune system and greatly reduce their chances of recovery.  Because of these reasons, if your dog has cancer, do not give him vaccinations.

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