There are several things you should do before you breed your dog. It is important to have a few genetic screens done depending on the breed of dog you are going to breed. It is also important that only the best temperamented dogs are allowed to breed. If your dog has any kind of social behaviors that are not acceptable then you shouldn’t breed your dog. Unacceptable social behaviors would be fear biting, separation anxiety, or any anxiety in general. Anxiety behavior would include your dog being a barker, a digger, or a chewer. All of these are reasons why you shouldn’t breed your dog.

Next, you should talk to your vet. They can give your dog a variety of tests to determine if they should be bred or not. For example, if you are breeding a Lab you might be testing for CNM, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, progressional retinal atrophy, etc. There are a number of genetic diseases that need to be screened out before you breed your dog.

All of the breed specific tests can be found on the web at the Chic website. This website is found at This website will offer a specific list of genetic screens for every dog breed that should be done before that breed of dog should be bred.

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