Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month?  If you are thinking about adding a new furry friend to your family, why not check out your local animal shelter?  I know for a fact that our animal shelter has lots of dogs and cats that need a forever home. 

Adopt this dog

This is Pippin! He is a boxer Pit Bull Terrier Mix and he is about 11 months old. He loves to play in the yard and loves to go on walks! He is just a pup and is looking for his forever home 🙁  He is at the Edmond Animal Shelter.

You might be asking yourself why you should adopt?  There are a lot of good reasons.  Here are just a few:

  • There are so many cats and dogs that are euthanized each year.  Millions of dogs and cats are put to sleep each year because there are so many people that give up their pets and so few people that adopt from shelters.  If people would adopt from shelters instead of buying their pets, the amount of pets that are euthanized would dramatically decrease.  Also, if you adopt a pet you aren’t only saving the life of the pet you adopted but you are saving the life of another homeless animal that can now be rescued. 
  • If you adopt from a shelter you will be adopting a healthy pet.  Most shelters examine, spay, neuter, and vaccinate the animals when they arrive at the shelter. 
  • It is much cheaper to adopt from an animal shelter than buying from a pet store.  It’s a win-win because you will save money and more importantly, you will save a life.
  • Most of the animals at an animal shelter aren’t there because they are bad animals, they are there because they have been lost, given up or abandoned.  They aren’t wanted and they are helpless.  You can help them by giving them a forever home where they will be loved and taken care of.
  • There are all kinds of dogs at the animal shelters.  There are usually puppies, senior dogs, young dogs, some pure-breds and of course there are mutts!  You will have a variety of dogs to choose from as well as cats!
  • There are usually more adult dogs than puppies.  Adult pets are great!  More often than not, they are already housetrained and also know a few commands like sit and stay.  Because they are adults, you probably won’t have to deal with the chewing stage where they chew everything they can get hold of! 
  • By adopting a shelter animal, you will be promoting adoption and it may encourage your friends and others to also adopt.
Mastiff Puppy finds forever home

Another good reason..everybody is happy! This little mastiff puppy was adopted by this little boy’s family! Aren’t they cute!

Each week we have Tuesday’s Tails where we feature a shelter animal that needs a forever home.  Last Tuesday we featured Red, a beautiful Lab that is looking for his forever home.  We have also been posting about Babe.  Babe has been at the shelter for a very long time and really wants to find a loving home.  Please share these two dogs in hopes that they can find a forever home and check back with us on Tuesdays to see the shelter animals we are featuring for the week!  Don’t forget…Opt to Adopt!


Red is a beautiful Labrador Retriever waiting for his forever home.


Adopt this beautiful dog

Babe has been waiting patiently for her forever home for a very long time.  Please don’t let this girl stay in the shelter forever.  Please help her find a forever home:(




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