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Beagle Fetches Two Toys At Once

Daddy’s friend sent him this video of his Beagle Morris fetching two toys at once!  Morris is so cute and we don’t know how he gets both the ball and bone in his mouth at the same time!  He must have one big mouth!  You have to watch this video.  Morris is adorable!

The Month of April

Did you know that the following are observed in April:

Adopt a Greyhound Month
National Pet Month
Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month

Some April Weekly Observances

The APAWS Pooper Scooper Week: 1st – 7th
National Animal Control Appreciation Week:  7th – 13th
National Volunteer Week:  21st – 27th
National Pet ID Week:  21st – 27th
National Scoop The Poop Week:  24th – 30th

Some April Daily Observances

ASPCA Day: April 10th
National Farm Animals Day: April 10th
National Pet Day:  April 11th
Pet Owners Independence Day:  April 18th
International Guide Dogs Day:  April 24th
National Kids and Pets Day:  April 26th
National Hairball Awareness Day:  April 26th
Bulldogs are Beautiful Day:  April 27th
World Veterinary Day:  April 27th
National Pet Parent’s Day:  April 28th

Just thought those were interesting!

Adopt a Greyhound

Since this month is Adopt a Greyhound Month, I thought it would be a good time to write about Hounds of the Heartland.  It is an Oklahoma-based organization that seeks good homes for retired racing greyhounds.  HOH was founded in 2000 by a group of greyhound enthusiasts.

Things you should know about a Greyhound:

  • They don’t need a ton of exercise and a huge yard to run in
  • They make wonderful apartment dogs as long as you are committed to walking your Greyhound short distances on a leash a few times a day
  • They are clean dogs
  • They shed very little
  • They have little to no body odor

People think that Greyhounds that have been retired from racing are abused on the track which isn’t true; they just may not be raised in the typical pet environment but they are the healthiest dogs you can find.  Because they have been raised with hundreds of other dogs, they are generally very good with other dogs and they are especially good with humans because they are usually well-socialized.  Most of them are crate-trained when HOH gets them so they are very easy to housetrain.

HOH can only foster six to eight Greyhounds at a time so the more dogs they can adopt out, the less time other dogs have to wait for a home.  To find out more about Hounds of the Heartland you can visit greyhoundpetsok.org

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Thankful For:

Phe here.  I’m thankful for those other three dogs that are laying here with me!  Just look at all four of us together.  Aren’t we pretty sisters and brothers!  Don’t tell daddy but see the hot tub cover where Teddy and Scout are laying.  Does it look like they might be a little too heavy for the cover?  Just sayin’!  They are two big man dogs!

Four Big Dogs

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