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Load Time for Blog

Mommy has been messing around with the blog trying to get it to load faster.  Do any of you have that problem with your blogs?  Mommy did several things and the load time is faster but not quite as fast as she wants it to be.  What have you all done to make your blog load faster?

This is what mommy did:

  • If the person commenting doesn’t have a gravatar, then the gravatar shows up blank instead of a generic gravatar. 
  • She added a plugin called jQuery lazy load that enables image lazy loading.  This helps the load time quite a bit but mommy’s pictures all moved to the left and weren’t centered anymore.  Small price to pay to have the site load faster, I guess!
  • She deleted the Comment Luv plugin and she deleted a bunch of stuff in the sidebar.  One was the Instagram badge for Paws for Life which was using a lot of load time.  Mommy is going to have to figure out a better way to get the Paws for Life Instagram badge on the blog.  She also deleted the widget for the Edmond Animal Shelter that shows the dogs that are waiting for their forever homes.  She is going to have to figure out a better way to do that also.
  • She is going to move the rest of the blogs on her blogroll out of the sidebar and onto our More Favorite Pet Blogs page, so if you are in our sidebar you will be moved to the page 😉
  • She compressed a few images and probably needs to do more of that.

The two things that keep coming up when mommy checks load time are to leverage browser caching and eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.  Mommy has no clue what that is all about so she will have to work on that. 

Do any of you have any good suggestions for increasing load time?  If so, please leave a comment.  We really want to know what you think!  Mommy thought this little funny was appropriate cause this is what she feels like when she is working on her computer!


Tuesday’s Tails

We thought we would take a look at the Edmond Animal Shelter’s website page and see how many of the dogs that we have featured on Tuesday’s Tails were adopted.  Well, we really don’t know if they were adopted but they aren’t on the website anymore.  Mommy messaged one of the volunteers and asked her if she could tell her what happened to those dogs.  We thought you might be surprised to know that 18…yes I said 18…of the dogs aren’t listed on the site anymore.  Since this is a low kill shelter we are hoping that they all found homes!  We will let you know what we find out!


We are starting a giveaway tomorrow!  Check back to see what it is!


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