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Can you guess what I’m thinking about?  You are so right!  I need your votes!  I am entered in the Cute but Caught Contest.  I think I’m pretty cute and mommy thinks I’m a mess!  You can vote everyday through August 22nd.  This is a last minute push cause I really want to win! 


Most of you know that I was adopted from the animal shelter.  I had been there for quite some time when my mommy and hu bro came looking at dogs.  They came to look at a different dog than me but I’m the one that went home with them!  I must have been really special!  I put on that sweet face and played like I was really good.  Little did they know that it was all an act to get me out of that doggy jail!  That’s why I’m entered in the Cute but Caught Contest.  You see, I got a little bored and I chewed a hole in the couch in the sunroom.  To be quite honest, I chewed a hole in two of the couches in the sunroom.  I know…bad doggy.  But my humans love me anyways!

I really want to win this contest because I’m going to donate part of the winnings to the animal shelter that took care of me for so long.  Our animal shelter is over crowded and I want to help the poor doggies and kitties that haven’t found homes yet.  Could you help me help the shelter by voting for me?  Go here to vote.  If you haven’t voted for me already, I’m the one on the couch with a big hole in it!  I should be in the first row, 6th picture over if you pull the contest up on your computer.

Thanks for your help!  Just know, I will be coming around to your blogs asking you to vote too!  Hope you don’t mind 😎

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