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Mommy and daddy are finally home!  They got home yesterday afternoon and we were so glad to see them!  We didn’t get to visit your blogs this week but we will get our mommy back on schedule and we will be around to visit you!

Last Day to Vote – Vote for Phe!

This is the last day to vote for Phe!  Please go over and vote for her!  She needs all the votes she can get!  Paws crossed that she wins so we can help out the shelter doggies and kitties!  She has been working hard at trying to win this contest!


I’m pooped! I’ve been soliciting votes…this is hard work! I’m going to rest for awhile and then I’m going back out to beg for votes! Won’t you please vote for me!


This has been our week to remember Shiloh.  Shiloh crossed over the Rainbow Bridge a year ago this week.  We thought that sharing her picture this week would be a good way to remember her!  Shiloh was the best!  She was an only dog for a long time.  As a puppy she loved to chew and was a lot like Phe!  She chewed up everything in sight and then she outgrew that puppy stage and she stopped chewing.  Her most favorite thing in the world was to swim.  She loved the swimming pool!  She also loved to play catch and just hang out with the family.

Mommy always talks about the time that they had Thanksgiving dinner at our house and mommy’s parents and her brother and his wife came for Thanksgiving.  They had a bunch of dinner rolls left and Mimi stored them in a big plastic trash bag.  Monday morning mommy left for work and daddy was suppose to put Shiloh out.  Daddy forgot to put Shiloh out and when mommy got home late that afternoon Shiloh had made a big mess.  Kleenexes, toilet paper and rolls were strung about the house everywhere.  Mommy and daddy found rolls buried in the couch under the cushions.  They found them under chairs, under beds, they found them everywhere.  It was like Shiloh was hiding rolls for when she got hungry!  Mommy found rolls for another 6 months…Shiloh was one smart dog!  She had snacks hidden for when she got hungry!

Adopt a Senior Dog

Tuesday’s Tails

We are so, so excited!  We thinks that there were more bloggers that joined Tuesday’s Tails this week than any other week so far!  How exciting is that!  It is starting to grow and we hopes we are helping shelter animals everywhere!  Mommy hasn’t gotten to share everyone’s doggies and kitties from this week yet, but that is on her to do list for today and tomorrow.  She will be around to comment and share and thank you so much for hopping on!  Please keep spreading the word about the blog hop!

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