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Have you seen the Kindle Book mommy wrote about Diesel called Diesel the Shelter Pup?  She wrote a children’s book about adopting Diesel, hoping it would help children realize that adopting a dog from a shelter is a great thing to do! Right now the book is only $.99 on Amazon so we were hoping we could get some of you to help promote our book by giving us a shout out on your Facebook Page or your blog! That would be so cool if you would help us out!  This is the cover of mommy’s book!



Animal Shelters

Mommy just wrote this Kindle Book about Diesel the Shelter Pup. Go take a look!


Don’t have a Kindle?  Not to worry!  You can read Amazon Kindle ebooks on Tablets (iPad, Android Tablet, Windows 8), Computers (Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, Vista and MAC), and Smartphones (iPhone, IPod touch, Android) by downloading the Free Kindle Reading App.



Plott Hound Mix

I worked really hard on that book about me! Now it’s time to crash!


While mommy was writing the book about Diesel, she got another crazy idea!  Why not ask all of you to write a story about a dog that you have adopted from a shelter or rescue or that you took in as a stray?  Mommy thought it would be cool to compile all the stories and put them in a Kindle Book!  We are going to donate 50% of the profits to animal shelters.  You can get more information by reading yesterday’s post.  We are really excited because we have already received a couple of stories to publish in the Kindle Book.  How cool is that!  You can write your story in your voice or in your dog’s voice…either one will work.  We would really appreciate it if you could share this little project with your readers too!  The more stories, the better the book!



Plott Hound, Lab, Chessie

The gang’s all here…wait a minute, where’s Teddy? Do you see Ash hiding behind us?


Look at how big Diesel is getting!  Wow, he is growing up into a little man dog fast!  Have a great day!


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