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We had a visitor today and she came bearing treats!  Bet you can’t guess who it was so we’ll just tell you!  It was the one and only Flea!  Yep, you heard me.  It was Flea!  She was so cool and her treats from Jones Natural Chews Company were yummy!  Flea just lives down the highway from us…not too far.  Probably a couple of hours away.  Anyway, she was here in Edmond America to visit a friend and she stopped by to meet us.  We were so excited.  So excited in fact, that mommy didn’t get any pictures.  Mommy is just kicking herself because she didn’t take any pictures of us with Flea.  But Flea took a lot of pictures of us eating our treats.  Mommy is hoping she sends a few our way so we can post them and show you how much we liked those treats!

Flea was super nice and she had treats for all of us.  She even tried to get Teddy to come to her but we all know how Teddy is.  He stood outside and barked at us while we were enjoying our treats.  Flea would throw him a treat, he would run and get it, gobble it up and start barking at her again.  His manners weren’t the best but us other three showed her how much we liked her treats by staying right by her side and begging! 

We wanted to tell Flea thank you and we hope we get to see her again!  What a cool way to start the day!

Jones Natural Chews Company

Not much else is going on at our house right now:(  Mommy and daddy think we are going to watch OU play tonight.  Us dogs don’t think so!  Have a great evening!

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