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It has been a rough couple of weeks around here.  We have all been very sad cause Phe isn’t here anymore.  It was quite an ordeal and mommy said I could write more about it tomorrow or another day.  We have written a tribute to Phe…just haven’t been able to post it yet.  Mommy wants to know why it is so hard when you lose a pet?  Well duh, we are pretty special and you humans get so attached to us, as we do to you!  Mommy says… more on Phe later!


Just remembering our silly little Phe!

Because of everything that happened, we are so behind on visiting blogs, reading emails and posting.  What a drag!  We are trying to get back into it.  We are are trying to catch up on emails and we are trying to comment on a few blogs each day.  Mommy says it will get better, we just have to give it some time.  Thank you for being patient with us!

Teddy got all of his stitches out on Monday.  Hu bro had to literally carry him into the vet’s office where they muzzled him.  He pottied all over himself and hu bro…which hu bro did not think was funny at all!  It took awhile to get all of the stitches out, but after much patience on the doggy doctor’s part and much trembling on Teddy’s part, they all came out!  Mommy and hu bro also took me and Ash to the doggy doctor with Teddy.  Over the weekend Ash’s mammary glands swelled up and she was really sore.  The doggy doctor checked her out and said she is okay.  Do you guys know anything about that?  I had to go in cause I have been coughing ever since the ordeal with Phe and Teddy.  Guess what…I have kennel cough:(  Want to know how I got that?  Check back tomorrow for the full story!  Mommy got all of her stitches out on Monday too.  What a day that was!

Lab and Pittie

We really liked each other lots! Can you tell!

After all the stitches came out, hu bro and mommy went to the animal shelter so hu bro could see Phe.  Mommy couldn’t bear to go in and see her…all mommy does is cry 😥   Hu bro wanted to see her for closure.  She was picked up at the animal shelter on Tuesday and she is going to be cremated.  Hu bro had to go to Denver to work the floods, so mommy and hu bro’s girlfriend are going to go pick out a urn when Phe is ready to come home.


We miss you Princess Phe 🙁

This has been the worst experience ever.  We know we haven’t even begun to tell you everything that happened.  We will try to tell you more tomorrow.

We wrote about grain free dog food last Sunday and were just curious if any of you feed your doggies grain free dog food?  Please tell us what you think about it!  Mommy fed me grain free and I got sick.  Now she is thinking about trying Diamond Naturals Grain Free.  We want to know your opinion if you have one?

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