Oh no…mom went on vacation and will be gone for a whole week.  We can’t believe she went off and left us 😥   Our mimi and grandad are going to come stay with us and take care of us, but we will be so lonely.  She said she would take lots of pictures to share with us so we can share them with you, but it looks like we won’t get to use the computer as much as we would like to this week.  We did have mom do some posts so we can post them while she is gone!  We’ll see how that works.

By the way, she is going to the Bahamas.  How fair is that?  I’m thinkin’ not very fair at all.  She has been running everywhere trying to get ready to go.  Humans…why can’t they just stay at home?  Why are they always going and doing stuff?  Us dogs like hanging out in our sun room, lounging on the couch.  Why can’t humans do the same????

This is what I’m going to be missing:

Lab Sleeping

I’m not going to get to wake up in my human sis’ arms.  Aren’t we cute together?  When she wakes up in the morning I make sure I am laying right next to her just like in the picture!  I think it makes her day better when she wakes up in my arms!  Don’t you?


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