San Francisco Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum Helps Muttville

On July 1st, Tim Lincecum did a good thing!  He made a pitch to all those baseball fans out there to step up to the plate and adopt an older dog.  Lincecum is a two-time Cy Young Award winner who is participating in  a program called game changers.  Game changers was created by popchips which are all natural potato popped chips.  The program was created to highlight athletes giving back to the community.  The national cause marketing program asked their local communities what they could do for them.  Next, nominations were submitted, voted upon and votes were tallied.  Citizens in the San Francisco Bay area gave Lincecum several options.  From the options he was given, he chose Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.
Muttville persuaded Lincecum to volunteer his time for the paws cause with a contest submission that was limited to 100 words or less.  Muttville’s submission that persuaded “Big Time Timmy Jim’ to choose their organization was written about Timmy, an 11-year-old Wheaten Terrier mix.

On July 1st, Timmy joined Lincecum along with Muttville founder Sherri Franklin at home plate before the first pitch was thrown.  This special ceremony was designed in hopes of bringing awareness to the plight of homeless senior dogs and finding a forever family for a very deserving dog.

Along with appearing at home plate with Timmy, the star pitcher also autographed memorabillia for Muttville’s upcoming Moolah for Mutts fundraiser.  Lincecum has two pups of his own named Cy and Kayo.

So very many dogs are showing up at our nation’s shelters.  Older dogs are harder to place because they are often suffering from chronic health issues and they are no longer cute, adorable little puppies.  Hopefully, Lincecum’s actions will inspire dog lovers to adopt senior dogs from shelters and rescues.  Or even better, maybe his actions will raise awareness for senior pets, making people think twice before discarding them.

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