Exercise With Your Dog

Your dog can be your best workout bud in the summer!  Exercising with your dog outside gives you the chance to get some fresh air and sunshine but it is important to be aware of the heat. The summer can be hard on dogs.  Be careful and take good care of your four legged workout buddy!  There are several things you can do to keep your dog in tip top shape all summer long.

Dogs love going to the dog park!  When I drive by our local dog park there are dogs of all kinds chasing each other, running and playing.  You can also get some exercise at the dog park with your dog.  You can run, play fetch, toss a Frisbee or throw a ball for your dog to catch.  The best part about the dog park is that your dog’s feet will be on the cool grass while the two of you are exercising.  If you would rather jog, walk or run on the road make sure there are places where your dog can get on the grass and off the hot asphalt or concrete.  The dog days of summer can get very hot and with that comes roads and streets that are as hot a a frying pan.  The scorching surface of the street or sidewalk can do serious damage to your dog’s feet, so be careful and make sure your dog has a place to cool his feet off.

It is important to keep your dog hydrated just as it is important for you to keep yourself hydrated.  Bring extra water with you and stop several times for your dog to get a drink.  Handy collapsible bowls are available at pet stores or online and are perfect for when you are out with your dog.  Collapsible bowls are easy to carry with you because you can just tuck it in a pocket while you are jogging, running or walking.

Keep a close eye on your dog and don’t overdo it.  If your dog is panting furiously, he needs a break.  High intensity workouts with your dog can be accomplished in cool weather, but when the temperatures are soaring, be careful and don’t overdo it.  If your dog is panting excessively, having difficulty breathing, his heart and respiratory rate are increased, he is drooling or is in a stupor than he is in danger of heat exhaustion.  Heat exhaustion is very serious so be aware of your dog’s condition and take frequent breaks when needed.

You should plan shorter routes if you are riding your bike, hiking or running in the sweltering heat.  It is easier to get your dog home or back to your car if you have a short distance to take him rather than a long distance.  Especially if your dog is a larger dog and you have to carry him.  It is better to be safe than sorry!

Dogs make excellent exercise companions!  They are always eager to go and won’t let you down.  Be careful with your four legged pal and take good care of him!  Exercise precaution and the two of you will have a great workout!

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