Traveling is a daunting task when you have kids and pets in tow, and with 83.3 million owned dogs in the U.S.—according to a 2012 report from the American Pet Products Association—these travel woes aren’t isolated to just a select few. Picking a vehicle designed with your babies in mind, both furry and human, will make those trips around town and even cross-country much less of a chore.

Pet and Kid Friendly Cars

So, what should you look for? Durability, plus plenty of leg and tail room are key. Also:

Forget the lift

Find a vehicle that rides lower to the ground to ease the stress of getting in and out.


Makes loading pets and cargo easier.

Rear vents

While you may be toasty warm in the winter and sitting cool during summer in the driver seat, your panting passengers may not get the same reprieve. Look for vents in all seat rows, for the human kids, an added bonus of having control over the temperature too.

A cabin air filtration system

This easily overlooked feature cleans the air as it circulates, ridding your car of any stinky dog, and kid, odors.

Fold-flat seats

Another easily overlooked feature. This will create a spacious area for your dog to sit without sacrificing the condition of your interior seats from nail wear-and-tear.

Underfloor storage

Not only can you keep your car looking tidy, while still having a necessary stash of bones, leashes, spare clothes for kids, etc., but you can also free up more car space to provide additional space and comfort for your furry traveler. Good for keeping your stuff away from bored pet mishaps on long rides (i.e. chewing up shoes or books).

Now that you are armed with information, hit Kelly Blue Book to start the search. To help you out a little more, here are a few options with the features listed above.

Subaru Outback

All new for 2015, the Outback is a great pick for an outdoor family on the go. Subaru, as a brand, knows how to cater to pet owners and even offers fun pet freebies at their dealerships.

Kia Soul

This roomy ride will provide a fun, spacious ride for your pets and children. Not only that, at $15,190 it’s easy on the wallet too.

Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

With full, flat seats, a big rear cargo area and built-in vacuum (to keep pet hair and food crumbs under control) this minivan is a popular choice for moms with kids and pets in tow.

Nissan Juke

Great for small to medium sized dogs, this crossover SUV hS ll the conveniences desired from busy mom with precious cargo, but also the style and pizzazz of a sporty little car meant to take you out for some fun on the town.

Volvo V60

Don’t want to sacrifice the luxury car life for pet and kid friendly features? With this mid-size wagon, you won’t have to. It has a generous cargo area for your pet and all the luxury features you desire from your vehicle like IntelliSafe driving features, luxury stereo system and more.

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