Teaching your dog to sit establishes trust with your dog and also creates a foundation for learning other dog tricks.  It is important to be patient with your dog when teaching him any kind of trick.  It is also important to have treats on hand to reward your dog. First, you should call your dog’s name and show him a treat.  If you practice this trick right before it is time for your dog to eat, the treat will be a more effective reward.  While your dog is focused on the treat, move the treat to his eye level just above his nose.  Continue to slowly move the treat up and over your dog’s head.  As your dog follows the treat with his eyes he should raise his head and at the same time he should start to lower his backside and rear legs to the ground.  Your dog should sit as he reaches up for the treat.  If your dog is still standing on all four legs, gently push his back end down.  If you push down on your dog’s rear end make sure you do it gently so you do not injure your dog.Whether he sits the first way or he sits by pushing his back end down, you should give the command sit followed by his name. Say the word “sit” and your dog’s name as soon as his bottom goes down so he can associate the command with sitting. You should always say the command and your dog’s name in the same order each time.  Keep repeating these steps until your dog can sit on command.  You should always reward your dog with treats and with praise.

Another way to teach your dog to sit is with a collar and leash.  You should stand next to your dog so that he is on your left side.  Hold the leash in both hands as though you are about to take him for a walk.  There should not be much slack in the leash.  Gently pull up on the dog’s neck and very gently push on the dog’s rear end while saying “sit.”  As soon as your dog sits give him a treat.  You should also reward your dog with a lot of verbal praise.

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