Train your dog to stay by having him sit first.  Say “sit” and show your dog the palm of your hand.  Showing your dog the palm of your hand gives visual reinforcement to the command.  After you have done this, take one step back.  If he doesn’t move, even if it’s only for a second, he is learning to sit!  Give your dog a treat before he moves.  Repeat, and gradually take a few more steps away from your dog.  You want to mix it up a little as your puppy learns to sit.  Ask him to sit and then walk around him.  Also, ask him to sit and walk away from him.  It will probably take time for your dog to learn to stay put for a very long time.  Don’t forget to give your dog a treat when he stays in the same place, even if it is only for a second.  Also, reward him with a lot of verbal praise.  Be patient with your puppy and keep repeating the steps and he will eventually learn to stay.  For more detailed instructions and tips on teaching your dog to stay watch this video:

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