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Dogs N Pawz

OMG!  This girl is absolutely stunning!  This is the flyer on Babe from the Edmond Animal Shelter.

Adopt this Weimaraner/pit mix dog

Babe has been at the shelter since January of this year which is way too long for any animal. Babe is awesome and is a real people person dog. She has had several shelter dogs as playmates and is an overall sweetheart.  She is surprisingly comfortable in the kiddie pools that are filled up at the shelter and she is even playful behind her cage which is fairly uncommon. 

Adopt this Weimaraner/pit mix

The shelter staff and volunteers don’t understand why she hasn’t been adopted yet.  She would make the perfect pet, would be your BFF and would love you to the moon and back, if you would give her a forever home.

More pictures of Babe:

Adopt this Weimaraner/pit mix

Dog Needs a Forever Home

This picture makes me want to go and adopt her myself 😐

Adopt this beautiful dog

If you think Babe might be the dog for you, please contact the Edmond Animal Shelter or hop in your car and go see her!  She really wants to find that special forever home.  Won’t you please help her by sharing this post?

If you are one of those that thinks it won’t matter if you share this post, that it won’t help this dog get adopted, then think again.  Here is proof that we can make a difference by sharing these shelter animals.  Visit The Lazy Pit Bull’s blog and read about Nico and you will become a believer! 

From The Lazy Pit Bull’s Blog:

So the next time you’re perusing Facebook and you come across a photo of a shelter dog, stop.  Think about it.  Ask yourself how you can help.  And then believe that you can make a difference.

Remember, it takes only one tiny spark to start a great forest fire.  YOU can be that spark!  YOU can put into motion the events that will change a shelter dog’s life.


Won’t you make a difference today?  Please share Babe’s story and the rest of the shelter animal’s stories that are featured in this blog hop!

And vote for Phe so she can help Babe and her friends at the Edmond Animal Shelter!

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