Right now, all I can say is that I am heartbroken, devastated and really sad.  In case you are wondering why we haven’t been around, we had a very traumatic experience last week.  Phe and Teddy got in a fight and we lost Phe.  That is about all I can say right now and I hope that with time I will be able to tell you more.  I am just sick and I can’t believe it happened.  Teddy is doing okay…he has stitches everywhere and he is lucky he survived.

We loved Phe.  She followed me around everywhere I went and she was such a hoot.  She was little Miss Personality Plus!  I miss her dearly.  It’s hard to talk about, so until it gets a little easier…

Carma Poodale has so graciously volunteered to host Tuesday’s Tails this week so please hop on and go visit Carma Poodale!  Thank you so much Carma.

We hope to be back soon, we just have a lot of healing to do right now.

If you haven’t entered the Nutrish Pin It To Win It Contest, please enter through our blog! If you don’t need the dog food, please enter it and give it to an animal shelter if you win! Go here to enter.

This is the link to the blog hop:

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