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We are so excited to announce our first UNBREAKOBALL Giveaway!  We have heard so many good things about these balls and we get to give one away during the next four weeks!  How cool is that!  We are going to have a winner a week so if you don’t win one this week, come back next Friday and try again!  Woo Hoo!  We are so excited!

Safe Dog Ball

If you win, you get to choose either the 6″ Original Unbreakoball that is for dogs 35-70 pounds or the Big Daddy 10″ Unbreakoball that is for dogs over 70 pounds.

Hey, I really want one of these balls!  Ash…could you go ask mom if we could enter this contest?  I know that we are hosting it, but are there any rules that say we can’t win?  Hurry up and go ask!

Never heard of the Unbreakoball?

This safe dog ball is virtually indestructible, and it is large enough to render ingestion impossible.

The Unbreakoball dog ball is crafted in the United States from a nontoxic, high-density polyethylene plastic. Designed for the roughest, toughest players, the Unbreakoball will stand up to your dog’s clamping jaws, snapping teeth and pawing claws. The Unbreakoball is available in two sizes. For dogs that weigh less than 70 pounds, the original Unbreakoball is three times larger than a baseball. Larger dogs will have a blast rolling the Unbreakoball Big Daddy version, which is the same size as a basketball.

Dog Safe Ball

You may be pondering that if the ball is so large, how does the dog pick it up? The Unbreakoball is designed with holes all around the ball. Half of the fun for your dog will be chasing and rolling the ball as he figures out how to position his grasping teeth into the holes to facilitate lifting the ball. Once he succeeds, he will parade victoriously until he drops the ball and gets to engage in the challenge all over again. For added fun, slip a few small treats into the ball through the holes. This creates a rewarding puzzle for him to work through during those hours when you are not available for playtime.

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Well…I’m really bummed. Ash went and asked and mommy said we can’t enter.  I really want one of these Unbreakoballs! 

Good Luck everyone and don’t forget to come back next week and enter again if you don’t win this week! 

We are really sorry, but only US residents are eligible to win.

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