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Mommy vacuums all the time, because with three dogs, there is a lot of pet hair to vacuum up!  She vacuums almost everyday and to be quite honest, mommy would love to not have to vacuum.

Pet Hair
Mommy was really excited when she heard about Neato Robot Vacuums!  This little vacuum does the vacuuming for you!  How great is that!

Cleaning Up Pet Hair
Are you wondering how this nifty little contraption works?  It navigates around objects, into tight corners, under beds, across multi-surface areas including carpet, tile and hardwood floors, and uses its powerful suction and brushes to vacuum up dirt, dust and pet hair.  The Neato can pick up dust and dirt particles up to .3 microns.  Do you know what else is cool about them?  They have a laser guided navigation that is the same technology used in the Google driverless car. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

How Neato Keeps it Clean

The Neato is automatic and you don’t have to do any of the work!  Isn’t that what all you humans dream of…not having to do all that grungy housework?  I know that is what my mommy dreams about!  She hates to do housework!  These are just some of the cool things that we found out about the Neato.

  • When it needs to recharge itself, it returns to its base. 
  • You can tell it when to clean by scheduling it to run at certain times and certain days or you can just push the button to start it when you want it to run.  Mommy has an iRobot that she never uses because she always forgets that she has it.  That wouldn’t happen with this because it runs on a schedule.  Way cool! 
  • It learns your house by using laser mapping and laser guided navigation.
  • It gets into the nooks and crannies and has a wider suction area with edge cleaning brushes for a thorough clean.
  • It glides under furniture and around corners.  Mommy needs it to glide under her bed and get all those dust bunnies!
  • It has a bigger debris bin, bigger brushes, and bigger filters to take on bigger jobs.
  • It is easy to take care of with its easy bin access and brush cleaning.

We think this would be a great item for mommy to have because it would give her more time to do the stuff that she likes to do!  If mommy had one of these she wouldn’t have to be constantly cleaning up after this goofball!

Neato Robotic Vacuums

Product reviewers say Neato Robot Vacuums solve critical and frequent indoor pet hair pickup problems easily.  With features like brushes, reliablity, automatic charging and easy cleanup it has been named “Best for Pets” and “Best for Pet Hair Pick Up”. 

We think every pet owner needs their very own robot to vacuum for them, don’t you?  Just think how much easier it would be if a little robot vacuum did all the work for you humans!  Hmmmm….we can see mommy now…sitting in her chair, feet up, watching television, while the little robot travels around the house picking up dog hair!  Mommy would be in heaven!  OMD, what will they think of next?

You can find out more about this little vacuum by watching this video!

You can also find out more about Neato by following their Facebook page and sharing tweets with them on Twitter

Do you think you would use one of these vacuums?  If so,check back with us on November 17th to find out how you can win one of these awesome vacuums!  And please leave us a comment below telling us why you think you might want one of these!

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