Mom and I were looking at the Halloween costumes for dogs and I wanted to share what I found with you!  Maybe you are looking for a costume too!  We found some really cool ones and since Halloween is right around the corner, we are starting to get in that spooky, goulish mood!  This is what we have found that we liked so far!

Teddy and I are man dogs so we have picked out appropriate man dog costumes for each of us!

This Batman Dog Costume is for all us man dogs out there!  Look at how strong and masculine it will make us look!  What dog doesn’t want to be a superhero and this is the perfect Halloween costume for just that!  Ewwwwwe….I especially think it would look really good with my white/yellow fur!  Don’t you?  This costume has a chest piece with the Batman insignia, an awesome cape, a head piece that has bat-ears and a belt that goes with the insignia on the cape.  What more could any dog want????  I’m telling mom I want this one!  Pleeeeeeeease!


Batman Dog Halloween Costume

Batman Dog Costume


I totally thinks this Zelda Devil Dog Costume is the perfect costume for Teddy!  Mom loves those Zelda cards and I think Teddy would make the perfect devil dog!  Look at how awesome this costume is and a little bit scary too!  That pop-up collar is perfect with the flowing red cape and the cap with black horns.  What a perfect costume for Teddy!  Won’t that fiery red look really good with his black coat?  What do you think mom?



Zelda Devil Dog Costume

Zelda Devil Dog Costume


I found the perfect costume for Ash!  It’s the Zelda Cave Dog Costume and you have to see it!  It is so dog gone cool and Ash would look really great in it!  It has this really awesome animal print wrap around shirt and a black spiked long wig.  Check out that wig!  Nobody will even know its Ash–this will be so very awesome!  Ash isn’t acting too thrilled…I guess it isn’t girly enough?  What do you think?


Zelda Cave Dog Costume

Zelda Cave Dog Costume


This was really fun looking for costumes!  We’ll be back later with some more for you to check out!  Have you started decorating for Halloween yet???  Mom has been getting her Halloween decorations out.  Oh boy…this is so much fun!

Full Disclosure:  These are mom’s affiliate links and she receives a little bit of a commission if you order through them or through the banner below.  Mom ordered from this company last year and the costumes were great.  You can get 15% off all costumes, decor and party supplies for a limited time if you use CODE:DEMON15 or use CODE: SHIP49 for FREE shipping on orders over $49.


Costumes for the whole family

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