We love to get awards!  It makes us so very happy and so fuzzy warm inside!  Oooooo….can doggies be fuzzy warm inside?  Anyway, we really appreciate the awards that have been bestowed on Awardsus and our mom.  She works hard at keeping this blog up for us so we appreciate it when somebody notices!

Our very good friend Popcorn has bestowed yet another award on us!  It is…..drumroll please…..The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  We think Popcorn is awesome and it makes us smile doggy smiles when we think of our new friend!  So, thank you Popcorn and we are honored to receive this award from you!  Here are the rules:

(1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

Thank you so very much Fluffy Popcorn for nominating Dogs N Pawz for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  We love you Poppy!

(2) Share 7 things about yourself…

There are four of us dogs so we might have to share 8 things…2 apiece!  We always do everything from oldest, which is Shiloh, to youngest, which is Ash!  So here goes:

Two things about Shiloh:


Awards1.  I love to lick the leather couches until they are clean.  Mom can’t figure out why I do this, but that leather tastes really good!  Doh!

2.  I hate to go to the vet 🙁  Mom has to watch me very close cause I have learned how to open the door with my head and escape to the outdoors!  I think I am quite smart!


Two things about Scout:



1.  I love to sleep on my mom’s feet at night.

2.  I was trained to be a hunting dog but the first time they took me out to hunt, the older dog that was with us turned around and bit me on the nose when they shot the gun.  Ouch…it hurt real bad and now I am gun shy!  Better for me, cause I got a great new home out of it!



Two things about Teddy:




1.  I love to attack my doggy sis, Ash!  I hide and wait and when she comes around the corner I get her 🙂  She doesn’t like it much…but I do, and to me that is all that matters!

2.  My favorite place in the whole world is the air conditioning vent in the kitchen.  I love to lay on top of it and I would lay there forever if my humans would let me!


Two things about Ash:



1.  I wait until my mom lays down on the couch and then I sneak up on the couch and weasle my way onto her and just lay there.  I love attention!

2.  I love to swim in the pool!  It is my favorite thing to do when it is hot outside 🙂



This is for you Poppy!


(3) Nominate 15 bloggers you admire. Here they are! 😀


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Once again, thank you Poppy!  We are honored to receive this award from you!

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