We just wanted to say that our mom hasn’t blogged for us for the past few days because she has been busy changing hosting companies.  Whew….. what a mess!  Anyway, she thinks it has all been changed over and we are back:)

After much discussion between us doggies, we thought these pictures were perfect for today!  It has been so hot here and most everywhere, that we wanted to share how we had been trying to stay cool this summer!  Have a great day and keep cool!

Labrador Retriever Swimming

What a great day to go for a swim!


Labrador Retriever swimming

I’ve had enough for now! Where are those steps?


Labrador Retriever swimming

Whew….I made it to the steps!


Labrador Retriever swimming

Ash…where are you? It’s time to get out!


Chessie swimming

Here I am! I’m coming! Don’t be in such a hurry!


Chessie swimming

Wait for me… I’m swimming as fast as I can!


Chessie swimming

Okay, I’m here. What now?


If you are wondering where the other two dogs are, they don’t swim.  Ash and I can’t figure out why, cause we think swimming in the pool is awesome.  They are scaredy cats…and they are the big dogs in the family!  Go figure!

Have a great day and stay cool!

Wags and Woofs,
Shiloh, Scout, Teddy, Ash

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