Mom has been a really bad mom:(  She hasn’t written for us for quite some time – since Friday to be exact.  After a long talking to and a swift kick in the butt rear, we finally got her back on the computer.  You see, it has become quite apparent to us that our human sis is much more important than we are 😥 Human sis came home Saturday with two of her roommates and mom stopped writing for us.  What’s up with that?  Mom was quite the slacker while sis was at home.  We don’t understand why she couldn’t make time for us too?

Sis came home on Saturday and all those things that mom said she was going to do went by the way side!  You know how on Friday we said she was going to take pictures of us in OU T-shirts?  Well…that didn’t happen.  We were actually waiting patiently (NOT) for her to take our pictures and she didn’t show up 😥 Instead, she was cleaning house and cooking…getting ready for sis and her roommates.  We don’t understand the cleaning the house part cause it just got dirty again and she is going to have to clean all over again!  Serves you right mom!

Very Convincing Lab

This is me showing mom my mean look. This will make her get busy! Don’t you think?

On Saturday we thought she would come outside and play with us but that didn’t happen either.  Instead, she went shopping with sis and her roommates.  We waited by the door for her to come home and bring us a present but do you think she even thought about us while she was out with sis?  Of course NOT!  No presents for us 🙁   Something is terribly wrong with this picture!  The only good thing about it…we didn’t have that stupid camera in our face all weekend!

We were so looking forward to sis coming home but looking back on it…that was really stupid of us!  Sis got all the attention and we were left with Gator in the backyard most of the time 😥  It really sucked wasn’t much fun at all.  Mom was with sis all the time…going shopping, making cookies and pumpkin bars, helping sis apply to dental hygiene school, taking sis to the eye doctor, going to movies and the list goes on! Let’s go back to the making cookies and pumpkin bars…do you think we got any?  Heck no!  Seriously, couldn’t they have given us a little?  Mom says the cookies were made with chocolate and lots of sugar and they wouldn’t be very good for us.  We think she was lying not telling us the truth.  As far as the pumpkin bars go, every dog knows that pumpkin is good for us.  So why not pumpkin bars mom?  And let’s talk about the movies.  Two movies…seriously guys?  Wouldn’t it have been much better if you were at home hanging out with us?

Don’t get us wrong, we like love for human sis to come home.  We miss her so very much.  But we felt like the step sister and step brothers this weekend and then mom was so pooped tired when they left that we still didn’t get the attention we deserved!  We think we will just ignore mom for the week…that will teach her!  Tee Hee!

We missed Black and White Sunday, Monday Mischief and Tasty Tuesday.  We don’t know if mom would have had a recipe for Tasty Tuesday but it sounds worse when we add that in!  We are going to make her do Wordless Wednesday today.  Oh yes, we are going to sit on her at the computer until she gets everything finished.  Way to go mom!  You have to be more dependable than this…doh!

I’ve had this song in my head all morning…The dogs are back and there’s gonna be trouble (Hey la, hey la, the dogs are back)  If you see them comin’, you better head out on the double (Hey la, hey la, the dogs are back)!  Perfect song for our house right now!  Tee hee!

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