Getting your first dog is an exciting experience. From choosing the breed to dog-proofing your home, it can also be a daunting experience. Getting a dog should be a decision that’s not taken lightly. They require a lot of time, effort, energy, and money! The first step is to make sure you’re ready for a dog, then you need to know what it needs in order to be happy and healthy. Take a look at this guide to the basics of dog owning and make your decision…

What to Consider Before Getting a Dog

It’s important to make the best choice for you, your family, and the dog. Take into consideration different breeds not just in terms of what they look like but their temperament, energy levels, how much hair they shed etc. This is a fun decision but needs to be backed up by a lot of knowledge and research.

Also don’t insist on buying a puppy. This is a difficult one- we know they’re cute- but it could suit your family better to buy or adopt an adult dog. If you’re short on time, adult dogs could be the way to go. They require a lot less training

What You’ll Need to Buy

Swiss Shepherd Dog


So if you’ve decided that a dog is for you, then you’ll need to start getting supplies for the new arrival. There are some essential items that every first time dog owner will need to get, and the list can be quite long!

If you’re collecting your dog from a breeder, make sure you bring a dog crate with you. A dog crate is a good investment for home life too. There are lots of different kinds to transport your dog and to settle a puppy into a new home slowly. Check out some reviews of the best dog crates to find one that suits you. Also bring a blanket and some food or water if it’s a long trip back home from the breeders.

You’ll need to head to a pet store or supermarket and buy your dog a collar and a lead. Also stock up on good quality dog food. It’s not worth scrimping here as it will affect your dog’s health in the long run. Similarly, stock up on a quality grooming kit.  Some toys are also a good idea, particularly for a new puppy, to provide much needed stimulation. Don’t expect these to last though! A dog bed and waste bags are also must have items.

Top Tips For Looking After Your New Dog

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It’s important to give your dog the chance to settle in, especially if they’re a puppy. Place them in a dog crate to begin with to allow them to get used to their surrounding in a controlled way. Don’t fuss over them too much. They may feel a bit smothered and want to find their feet first. On the day your dog first arrives, make sure you set aside some time to bond with your new pet. Introduce your dog to members of the family slowly.

Keeping your dog stimulated is also important. If left alone for long periods of time, dogs can develop behavioral issues. Make sure you leave some stimulating things to play with or arrange a for a dog walker or sitter to come over.




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