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Christmas is our absolute most favorite time of the year!  We love the Christmas tree, the Christmas lights, the good food and all the presents that are under the tree!  We spend lots of time sniffing the packages under the tree to see if one of them might be ours!  We get really excited about Christmas cause we know that we are going to get something special, like a really big bone to chew on, or a new toy to play with or a new bed to sleep on.  How about you guys?  Are you getting something cool for Christmas?

Apparently, we won’t be the only dogs that will be getting presents for Christmas!  According to the infograph below, mommy isn’t the only pet parent that will be buying presents for her pets!  Mommy thought it was interesting that readers and bloggers listened to what influential bloggers recommend for gifts for your pets.  You can find our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide  here.

Now for a look at the infograph provided by my BlogPaws Influencer Group:

BlogPaws Holiday Pet Blogger Influence and Christmas Gift Spending

Can you believe it is almost Christmas?  OMD…mommy is so behind!  She doesn’t even have the Christmas tree up.  I guess we will give her a break since she just had gall bladder surgery and hasn’t been feeling so great.  So, if you are wondering why you haven’t heard from us, well…mommy has been kind of sick but she is starting to feel better.  We are hoping she will feel like letting us visit blogs soon!

If you are looking for items to buy your pet for Christmas, don’t forget to check out our Dogs N Pawz Pet Store!  We have a special deal going on where you can get $15 OFF your purchase of $49 or more.  Use the code WINTER15 at checkout to buy toys, treats and pet food!  Happy Shopping!

How do you plan on pampering your pet for the Holiday?  We told mommy that she better buy us a really big bone to chew on!

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