Dogs are a true blessing for every single person that decides to care for one. However, owning a dog is something that should never be taken lightly. It is a huge responsibility. As a dog owner, you want to be sure that you always do what is best for the little one. Fortunately, dogs are very easy to please. What a dog needs to be very happy is highlighted below, based on information offered by St Petersburg veterinarians.

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Clean Water

Humans need water to survive and dogs also need cool, clean water. Enough water to maintain suitable body fluid levels is necessary. When enough water is not offered, your dog could end up with various different serious illnesses. Normally, it is not necessary to monitor water intake for a dog. However, keeping a bowl that is always filled with fresh, cool water is a necessity. Do not let the water stand in the bowl for long periods of time.

Dog Food

The dog food that you buy will have a huge impact on your dog’s well-being, growth and development. You will need to be sure that you pick the best possible dog food. Unfortunately, we often see dog owners that choose random dog food because they want to save some cash. Choosing generic dog food is also a bad idea due to the low quality of ingredients included.

When you buy dog food, you have to think about two things:

  • The specific needs of your dog.
  • The quality offered by the manufacturer.

Fortunately, you can easily learn everything you need to know about the quality of the dog food based on professional reviews you can find online. If you dog has specific needs, everything is more complicated. Be sure to go to the vet and get your dog checked out. You will want to know if a special ingredient is necessary. The only person that can advise you what is best for your dog is your veterinarian.


Different dog breeds have different exercise needs and the internet helps you to find out how much a dog might need. At the same time, be sure you take into account how your dog acts when different exercise levels are offered. Obviously, medical conditions could change exercise needs.

We should add that when referring to exercise, you need to focus on much more than just physical exercise. Dogs need mental exercise since they really want to be challenged. When they are not challenged, they will be bored and you will see unwanted behavior.

Affection And Attention

Last but not least, a dog needs to feel loved. If you ignore your dog for a long period of time, he will not feel well. The good news is that dogs do appreciate all they receive. If you are really busy, just looking at them and talking with them is normally enough. Dogs are loyal but they do end up depressed if they do not receive attention and affection. This is more prevalent with some dog breeds but it is important for all dogs.




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