A very interesting trend has recently grown in popularity- dog shaming. While we as people have always had the desire to come clean and make public some of our most intriguing of secrets, this new trend has allowed dogs to do the Dog Shamingsame thing, but in a very unique and entertaining way.

The art of dog shaming isn’t about making your dog look bad though. In fact, it is actually a way that allows us dog owners to vent about certain odd and strange habits that dogs tend to have. And the truth is that every dog has their own strange story to tell.

Basically, dog shamming is a photo technique posted to various websites or even kept for your own personal use. A note is tagged to the pet, writing or displaying the obviously strange or odd act they partake in or have been guilty of in the past, while the owner snaps a picture, capturing their dog’s shameful deeds.

Though it may sound demeaning, it shouldn’t be seen in that particular light. Rather, it is a way for an owner to display what it is that makes their faithful friend so unique. Basically, it is the perfect picture of what it means to be a dog owner. Being a dog owner and lover is never easy because there will always be challenges. While this trend is growing in popularity, it does help to shed some light and unite dog owners and their particular situations.

Some owners may have trouble with a dog chewing. A dog might enjoy snacking on “unsanitary” snacks. Dog shaming is a way for owners to see and relate to others out there with similar issues. It basically creates a network by which people can discuss and exchange ideas. In an area that troubles one owner, another may be able to provide a solution or idea.


What is Dog Shaming?

Usually the note is attached to the dog, but since I don’t stay still long enough for a picture with a note on it, Mom improvised!

This opens up a whole new concept behind dog shaming because it’s not just about putting our dogs down or making them feel bad. It’s about dog lovers gathering and expressing issues that challenge the relationship between their dog and them. They can share the challenge of raising and training their dog with others who have been there and seen it all before.

Despite the helpful side of this particular trend, dog shaming does still present a silly side to our dogs. We can laugh and enjoy the strange things our dogs do. They might chew up a pair of slippers or enjoy a freshly baked pie before we can. But in the end, those are always things we can replace. So we laugh and enjoy the moment, and dog shaming allows us to do that.

Inspiring conversation and even encouraging conversation among pet owners with similar issues, dog shaming is a great way for pet owners to really get to know their pets and share the things that make their dog so very special because they can always make us smile no matter what they are up to today.


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Brandon Kennington is the inventor and owner of the Porch Potty – the world’s first automatic grass dog litter box.  As dog owner and a busy business owner, Brandon invented the Porch Potty when he didn’t want his dog to have to wait all day to go.  Porch Potty admires dog owners and also provides great tips for dog lovers on the Porch Potty Blog.


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