Dogs usually have seizures because they have epilepsy. Seizures can also be caused by being bit by an insect but usually it is because they have epilepsy. If your dog is having a seizure he will probably be laying on his side and his legs will be stiff. He might be paddling with his legs and he might loose his bowel or urine. He might also be drooling and could be potentially choking on something. The most important thing is to protect him from hurting himself. One way to protect him is by covering him up with a blanket. You should use the blanket to push him down on the floor and keep him in one place. Make sure he has an airway but never stick your hand in his mouth because you will get bitten. Use anything that you can find that you can pry into his mouth to keep his airway open. A rag or the cardboard that a paper towel roll comes on might be used to open his airway. Seizures usually last one to two minutes. It is important to time the seizure. If it lasts more than three minutes you need to call your veterinarian immediately.

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