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As we told you yesterday, Diesel was back for awhile.  Hu bro came and picked him up yesterday afternoon, so he’s gone for now.  We sure do miss having him around. 

Hu bro worked on the fence yesterday and he hopes that Diesel won’t dig out again.  Mommy will go check on him in a little while to make sure he isn’t running the neighborhood.  Silly dog anyway!

The other morning Diesel wanted out early, so hu dad got up and let him out.  When mommy got up, this is what she opened the back door to!  Teddy was in disbelief that Diesel would tear up his cushions that he likes to lay on! 

You might ask how we know it was Diesel that did it?  Because nothing gets torn up at our house when the three of us are here, but when Diesel comes to visit…WATCH OUT! 


Plot Hound Destroys Cushions

I didn’t do it mommy! It was Diesel!

Plot Hound Makes a Mess

Plot Hound Makes a Mess

Plot Hound Destroys Cusions

Mommy had taken some old cushions from a couch and covered them with a sheet for Teddy to lay on.  Teddy loves these cushions and sleeps on them at night.  He thinks it’s just like sleeping on the couch, but better because he’s closer to the floor!  He wasn’t a very happy camper when Diesel tore one of them up!  As you can see, feathers and foam were everywhere!  What a mess!

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