When it comes to dog accessories, a crate is one that seems to be down the middle in the dog-owning community.

Some owners don’t understand why they would ever need one, others might think it’s the most useful pet accessory they’ve ever bought.


Owners of puppies are the most likely to see the benefits of dog cages. Puppies are more likely to need their freedom controlled than older dogs.

A puppy that is yet to be house-trained might be better off in a crate whilst his owners are away from home or asleep. The last thing you want is to come home from a hard day’s work and find out that your sofa has been chewed to pieces or that your puppy has broken into the refrigerator and eaten a whole wheel of cheese.

Puppies that have received crucial vaccinations will need a cage to travel to the vets. Puppies who aren’t used to traveling in a car might need a cage in order to stay safe on the road. There are plenty of crates, cages and pens for puppies available online.

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Older dogs

Even when a dog becomes house-trained and can be trusted roaming unattended around the house, there are plenty of reasons to keep using your dog crate.

Perhaps, you’re hosting a party and you don’t want a friendly pup jumping on all the guests. Maybe you’re visiting family abroad and you want to bring the family pooch along for the ride. Maybe your mutt has taken a particular dislike to one of your guests or you have a visitor who is allergic to dogs. Dog cages can be useful in all of these situations.

Dogs are den animals and therefore, like a lot of humans, most will enjoy having a base to go back to in order to avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy house. Make sure that your crate is big enough for your dog to comfortably walk, turn around and lie down in. Some designer dog crates feature adjustable panels so you can increase the size of your cage as the dog grows.

Concern around misuse

Many animal welfare charities have raised concerns around the misuse of dog cages.

The main concern surrounds the amount of time that dogs are made to stay in their cage. Some dog owners make their pets stay in a cage for the majority of the day. It’s easily done. A dog that stays in a cage whenever their owner is sleeping or working might only get 4-5 hours of freedom on weekdays.

Those who feel the need to do this to their pet might want to consider hiring a professional dog-walker whilst they are at work. Think how you would feel locked up in a cubicle for 19 hours a day. Another major concern is people using the cage as a punishment. A dog cage should be a treasured base, not a prison cell. Dogs treated like this may soon grow to hate or even fear their cage.

Misuse of cages in this way can lead to behavioral problems. Don’t be tempted to utilize a cage as an alternative to house-training your dog. It’s plain cruel.

Nevertheless, for those who use them properly, cages can help make pet ownership a lot easier.

Author Bio: Joseph Smith has a degree in Zoology, as well as having owned and taken care of many animals and pets in his career. Please visit Muddy Paws to find out more about crates, cages and pens for puppies available online.




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