Dogs are everywhere people live. If you live in a town large enough to have a gas station and a stoplight, you probably also have an animal shelter and a veterinarian. Sadly, the shelters are almost always full, with too many critters to be successfully re-homed. Even at no-kill and low-kill shelters, sometimes the odds for these pups aren’t great, with the proportion of good homes available much too low to put them all in ideal situations. It’s a sad situation, and it can give a prospective dog owner pause. Should you get a rescue or buy a purebred animal?

There are pros and cons to both decisions. On the one hand, strong breeding standards help eliminate the need for shelters in the first place, each puppy ending up with a qualified owner at a forever home. Breeding like this also preserves desirable traits in these animals and can lead to better standards of health and longevity than either poor breeding or the rigors of the stray dog life. But good breeding will never stop the flow of stray dogs to shelters. Neither will consensual spaying and neutering, as large campaigns for their universal uptake have proved.

So we’re left with a lot of wonderful dogs in shelters. Nature’s Variety Instinct and Best Friends Animal Society have joined forces to revive awareness and interest in homeless dogs with their Long Live Pets campaign. There are hundreds of dogs available to you right now, living in your area shelters. Dogs really are a great friend to humans, and health and happiness are pretty characteristic of the species, no matter where your dog comes from. So if you’re thinking about getting a first (or another) dog, consider checking out the ones living at your local shelter, and learn more at You’ll be glad you did.

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