Pit BullCod liver oil for dogs has been found to have many benefits.  It has been known to improve vision and joint health, increase immunity, and promote growth and skeletal development and these are just a few of its benefits.

You may be asking yourself if you should be giving your dog cod liver oil?  There are so many supplements out there, how do you know which ones are good for your dog’s health and which ones aren’t?  How do you know if you are giving your dog too much or not enough?  I’m sure many of us pet parents have asked ourselves those same questions. 

First of all, it is just as important for your dog to be on a healthy and nutritious diet as it is for you to be on a healthy and nutritious diet.  Because it is so convenient to feed our pets processed pet foods, they may not be getting the nutrients they need for optimal health.  If your dog’s food doesn’t contain the adequate levels of omega-3s, you may need to supplement with cod liver oil, which is an omega 3 supplement.

Where Does Cod Liver Oil Come From?

Cod liver oil comes from the liver of cod fish.  According to Lintbells, Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement and is rich in all kinds of nutrients, including omega-3s such as EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

Benefits of Giving Your Dog Cod Liver Oil

Giving your dog omega-3s may improve your dog’s overall health by correcting any nutritional imbalances your dog might have.  The benefits of cod liver oil are:

Vitamin A:

  • Improves vision health
  • Increases immunity

Vitamin D:

  • Promotes healthy bones and joints
  • Promotes growth and skeletal development in young dogs
  • Maintains a balance between calcium and phosphorus for healthy bone cells
  • Helps with muscle contractions

Omega 3s:

  • Helps with joint health
  • Reduces inflammation associated with arthritis symptoms
  • Helps with stiffness in senior dog’s legs and hips
  • Helps senior dogs maintain mental alertness as they get older
  • Helps to increase energy especially with young dogs
  • Helps with dog skin problems
  • Improves the sheen and texture of a dog’s coat
  • Promotes a healthy heart and healthy kidneys
  • Helps with healthy bones and cognitive performance

We all want our furry friends to live a happy, healthy life and we want them to live as long as possible.  By supplementing your dog’s food with cod liver oil, you may be helping your dog to do just that!

 Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for Canines


Before giving your dog any kind of supplement, you should consult with your veterinarian.  The amount you should give your dog will depend on the size of your dog.  Your vet should be able to advise you on the appropriate amount for Fido.

I have given my dogs fish oil to help with their coats and arthritis but I have never thought about giving them cod liver oil.  After reading several articles about the benefits, I am going to check into it.  Teddy has a bad leg and I am thinking that if I give him cod liver oil it may help ease his pain.  It might be worth a try!  What do you think?

Have any of you used supplements for your dog like fish oil, cod liver oil, salmon oil or coconut oil?  If so, do you feel like they were beneficial to your dog’s health? 

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