Dog taking a bath

I must have done something wrong for my humans to put me in this thing full of water. I’m sorry…I won’t do it again!  Please let me get out!

Don’t forget to submit a story by January 31st about your very special dog that you saved from the animal shelter or from a rescue.  Even if you rescued your furry friend from the streets, we want to hear about it!  We plan on making a Kindle book out of all of the stories and donating 50% of the profits to animal shelters.  You don’t have to own a blog to submit a story!  We want them all!  We want this to be an awesome book that people will buy!  So, come on now…start writing your story!  You can find out more of the details here.

I know this is Wordless Wednesday, but mommy did something really stupid the other day and now a lot of her links are messed up and she lost all of her shares, likes, tweets and pins off of her posts.  So please bear with us, she is trying to get the problem fixed with the links but she thinks all of the other stuff is just gone.  Have any of you had this problem?  If so, and you have any suggestions please leave us a comment.  Mommy is just a little depressed over the whole thing.  She has bunches of broken links…oh, what’s a human to do?!?

Have you checked out mommy and Diesel’s book yet?  It’s only $.99 and it’s about adopting Diesel from an animal shelter.  Mommy and Diesel wrote it in hopes that children would read it and want to adopt from a shelter instead of buying a dog.  It also talks about Diesel’s mommy who is still waiting for her forever home.  Diesel wants his mommy to find a loving home real bad.  Please let your friends know about their book!  Mommy and Diesel will be so happy that you did!  Maybe if enough people know about Lily, she will find a home.  Paws crossed! You can find the book by clicking on the Amazon link in the top of our sidebar or by clicking on the book in the carousel below! We hope you like it!

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